Eligibility and Rules for the Nommo Awards

Important Notice: Nominated works do not have to be by ASFS members. 

The criteria is that they must be produced by Africans and be nominated by members of the ASFS.  The works can be self published.  Read our inclusive definition of Who is African.

Categories Available

Nommo Awards Eligibility

Rules for the Nommo Awards and Nominations

The Nommo Awards are administered by the African Speculative Fiction Society who will ensure they are run fairly, and achieve their aims (see core document).

For that reason the African Speculative Fiction Society lays down these rules for eligibility, nomination, selection and acceptance of the Nommo Awards.  These rules will be revisited every year in light of changes to the awards or experience of the previous year.


To be eligible to win a Nommo Award, the work must to a significant degree be authored by at least one African. This would allow stories that are co-authored with non-Africans.  

The work must be nominated by Members of the African Speculative Fiction society (ASFS).   Authors or publishers do not submit works as part of the process.

An African is a person who fits into one or more of these categories.



The ASFS has a duty to guarantee that nominations are collected fairly and without prejudice.  An automatic system of identifying Members and recording nominations is envisaged.

Reading copies

The shortlist will be announced three months before the Awards, in order to give people time to read all the nominees.

Promotion of shortlist

During that that three months of nomination, the ASFS will attempt to fulfill its aim of promotion African Speculative Fiction as a whole by announcing and publicising the nominations and the individual works. Quotation from the works is part of the process under fair use.

Selection of winners

Only Members of the AFSF have the right to vote on the shortlist for winner.

Announcement of winners and prize giving

Votes will be tallied at the end of the three-month nomination period. 

The identity of the winning works will be kept secret until the announcement of the awards, which is envisaged as a ceremony in the autumn as part of relevant events in Africa.  The secrecy is there to assist in the promotion of the works and African SF.