About the Nommo Awards

"The Nommos are long overdue - an African SF prize for Africans by Africans that honours our stories and how we choose to tell them. "  
Lauren Beukes, author of Moxyland and Zoo City

The Nommo Awards recognise works of speculative fiction by Africans.  We mean science fiction, fantasy, stories of magic and traditional belief, alternative histories, horror and strange stuff that might not fit in anywhere else. 

Members of the ASFS nominate works and vote for winners here on the website. 

 There are 4 award categories:

We have prize money thanks to our benefactor Mr Tom Ilube. The first award-giving ceremony was held at Aké Festival in Nigeria, November 2017.  The aim after that is to alternate the location of the awards ceremony between West and East Africa.

For more detailed information about the Nommo Awards visit our Resources page.

Download a PDF of our leaflet.

"Science fiction is important because it looks ahead to African futures.  Fantasy and fiction based on traditional tales are important because they link us back to our forebears.  Both are important for African development.  I wanted to make sure that the explosion of African science fiction gets the recognition it deserves." 
Mr Tom Ilube

WATCH: The official launch of the Nommo Awards and ASFS at the 2016 Aké Arts & Book Festival, with Chinelo Onwualu, Shadreck Chikoti and Geoff Ryman.  Video courtesy of Aké Arts & Book Festival