“The ASFS will provide a place where writers, readers, and scholars can come together to find information, connect with each other, and act as watchdogs for their collective interests.”

Chinelo Onwualu, co-founder of OMENANA

The African Speculative Fiction Society is an informal organization of African

  • Writers

  • Editors

  • Comic and graphic artists

  • Filmmakers

in the fields of speculative fiction such as fantasy, science fiction, stories that draw on traditions, horror and philosophical fiction.

Members nominate any published work for one of the four Nommo Awards. They are given free access to some of the nominated works. And they vote for the winners of the Nommo awards.

There is no membership fee.

Who is African?

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Email us at info@africansfs.com

“The ASFS will create a space for African speculative fiction writers to network, organize, learn from each other, and debate. It will promote an ongoing conversation, led by artists, on Africa's literatures of the imagination."

Sofia Samatar, author of A Stranger in Olondria and The Winged Histories

What is Speculative Fiction:

Speculative Fiction: includes Science Fiction and Fantasy, and the broadest possible definition of speculative/fantastical fiction including horror, slipstream, interstitial, stories based on traditional beliefs, alternate history etc. Speculative Fiction is an inclusive rather than exclusive term designed to include most especially any distinctively African forms that may develop.

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