Haunting Anthology: call for submissions

Post date: Apr 10, 2018 1:9:22 PM

Following the ICFA conference, the ASFS received the following from African fiction scholar Alexis Brooks de Vita:

Please allow me to thank you for your friendliness, your encouragement, and your interest in inviting international authors to contribute to my next anthology, tentatively titled Tales of the Uncanny and the Sublime, which I will be submitting to Double Dragon Press. The subject is haunting, any aspect of haunting or being haunted that the writer wishes to explore. I am seeking short stories, of sufficient length to allow the writer's full but pithy expression of his or her vision. Original submissions only, please; do not submit previously published material, including self-published material. One poem submission per author, in lieu of a short story, is also welcomed.

Interested writers should query Alexis Brooks de Vita at blifewater@aol.com, including "Haunting Anthology Query" in the subject line. No attachments, please. Please include a short synopsis or abstract in the body of the email query, and indicate if the story has been completed or is still in process. Please give an estimated final word length and date of completion, if at all possible. French, Italian, or Spanish submissions are also welcome, if the author agrees that I am free to include my English translation in the published anthology following the original text, in its entirety. Please include a very brief author's bio with the query.

If the author does not receive an answer to his or her query within ten days, please feel free to resubmit the query to the same email address. Conditionally accepted material will be due in its entirety by October 31, 2018, though the earliest completed submissions will have the best chance of receiving a full acceptance and contract. If conditionally accepted material is submitted sooner than October 31, this will speed up publication. No material has a final acceptance until it is received in its entirety and editorial suggestions are mutually approved by writer and editor. Final acceptance by the publisher will be indicated by the author's receipt of an e-contract. Any other questions may be resolved by reviewing a copy of our previous two Double Dragon anthologies, Love and Darker Passions and Tales in Firelight and Shadow, which includes a translation of an urban legend originally submitted in Spanish.