Eligibility for ASFS Membership

You must be an African by one of our definitions. You must be a professional or semi-professional working the field. That means you will have published at least two written short works of speculative fiction. These can be self-published. Or you have had published one novel or one self-authored anthology of short stories.

If you are an editor at a magazine or a publishing company that publishes speculative fiction you are eligible. If you are a publisher of books or journals in the field, you are eligible. If you are the writer or artist of a speculative fiction graphic novel, you may be eligible. If you are the writer, director or producer of a video or film of speculative fiction you may be eligible.

We have a welcoming and inclusive definition of who is African.

The term African includes:

  • citizens of African countries,

  • people born on the continent and raised there for substantial periods of time,

  • citizens or people born on the continent who live abroad

  • people who have at least one African parent or

  • Africans without papers, and

  • some migrants to African countries*.

*'African country' is defined as any country or contested area on the Continent of Africa, ending at Egypt's eastern border, and including all of North Africa and islands such as Zanzibar and Madagascar.

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