Nommo Reader Request Form

Members are given the opportunity to read the nominated Nommo works online. If you are a member of the ASFS please fill in the Nommo Reader Request Form (with relevant conditions) and submit. If you are an approved member, ASFS will send through access details via the email address (your member approved email) you provide.

Although works may be listed on the "For Your Consideration" page, ASFS does not advocate any of the works listed. ASFS provides a service to members, giving them access to works that they might like to consider. We hope that, in addition to finding works here, members nominate works they have read and enjoyed over the last two years that deserve to win.


    • ASFS reserves the right not to provide reader material.

    • Files are not downloadable, only readable online.

    • Files are only up for the voting period.

    • People are officially encouraged to support African fiction by buying where possible.

    • ASFS does not proactively send out the link or the password for the files provided. ASFS provides this request form for members to fill in and members agree to not provide the password to anyone else, nor attempt to download the files, copy them, or pass them on to anyone else.

Full details of the Nommo Award rules are available to read HERE.

If you have any queries please contact us.